Theory of Computation Fall 2019

Tags: theory of computation, unity 3D, game development, agent-based modeling, complex adaptive systems

Group websites

Project description: In this project student groups have used Unity 3D to implement various Turing Machines. These Turing Machines were customized based on various themes and demonstrated the practice of the course "Theory of Computation". 

Group No.Regestration No.NameLanguagesTheme nameWebsite Link
1SP19-RCS-011Arslan AliL= { a^n b^n c^j | n < j }Bomber FriendsLink
SP19-RCS-021Imran AliL={w#t such that w is substring of t and set of strings belong to this language consists of characters a and b}
FA18-RCS-037Tanzeelawtw R such that w R is a reverse string of w and length of w must be equal to length of t string
2SP19-RCS-053Syed Shabi ul-HussainL = {a^i, b^j,c^k | i,j,k>=1 and k<=i}ZeroOne NukeLink
SP19-RCS-047Sarmad Nazir AbbasiL = {a^i b^j c^k | i*j= k; i, j, k ≥ 1}
SP18-RCS-039Shoaib MasoodL={a^i b^j c^k | j > max(i, k)
3SP19-RCS-041Musarat Hanif{(01)^2n | n>=0}Pirates of the CaribbeanLink
SP19-RCS-025Jannat Jamshaid{a^i b^j c^k | i!=j, j!=k, k!=i}
SP19-RCS-019Hira Saleema^n : n is a perfect square
4FA18-RCS-026Muhammad Nawaza is smaller than b & a is smaller than cAliens WarLink
5SP19-RCS-020Ifrah Ikram{0^n#0^2n#0^3n | where n is greater than equall to 1}Big hero 6Link
SP19-RCS-049Sharqa HameedNo page
6SP19-RCS-043Rehana FaizL={0^i 1^j|i>j}Tample RunLink
SP19-RCS-007Anber Mushtaq{ww^R : w ={a, b}^*}
SP19-RCS-008Anita Yousuf{a^m b^n c^m*n|m,a>=1}
7Sp19-Rcs-051Sidra Khatoon{ a^n b^j a^k b^l n <= k , j <= l }World War4Link
Sp19-Rcs-032Mohabbat Ali{a^i b^j | j=i^2}
FA18-RCS-029Muhammad Tanveer sheas{w#w^R#w | w={0,1}*}
8SP19-RCS-052Syed Muzafar Ali{ a^i b^j a^i : i ≠ j }AvengersLink
SP19-RCS-028Kiran Perveen{ 0^a 1^b 0^c : a + c = b }
SP19-RCS-026Javaria Tahir{ w#w#w : Σ = {a , b }^*}
9SP19-RCS-038Usama Arshad{a^m b^n} where n! =m^2Zombie ApocalypseLink
SP19-RCS-040Muhammad Zohaib RashidTuring Machine as Transducer (w + w |w € (1….9) i.e. an operator sum)
SP19-RCS-054Muhammad Umer Raja{a^n^2 b^n} where n≥0
10SP19-rccs-014Faiza Aslam{an : n ≥ 1 is prime}retro racingLink
Sp19-rcs-003Abdul Qaddos{a^nb^ma^nb^m:where n & m are integers 1,2,3… and n does not necessarily equal to m.}
11SP19-RCS-004Ahmed Ameen{a^p b^q c^r d^s | p=0 or q = r = s }Under SeaLink
SP19-RCS-056Inam Ur Rehman Mohmand{(0a)^k (0b)^k (1b)^2k | k>0 }
SP19-RCS-061Shahid Abbas{w E {a,b,c}^* | a's = b's = c's }
12SP19-RCS-033Muhammad AdilL = a^i b a^j | 0<=i<= jAngry BirdsLink
SP19-RCS-010Areesha IjazL = a^m b^n c^m d^n : m, n >= 1
SP19-RCS-023Iqra KiranL= a^n b^n c^2n
13SP19-RCS-060Nauman Bashira^n b^n c^m : n ≠mToffee CrushLink
SP19-RCS-046Sania Sagheera^n b^n a^j: 1 <= j <=n
SP19-RCS-006Ameena Yaqooba^n b^j c^k : k = jn
14SP19-RCS-005Ali Raza{w|w=t1#t2...#tk k>=0,ti=1^* and ti=!tj}Smesh HitLink
SP19-RCS-045Saima Yasmeena^nb^ja^kb^l Where n+j<=k+l and (n,j,k,l >0)
SP19-RCS-048Syeda Tabinda Kokaba^i b^j c^k where 0<= i<=j<=k
15FA18-RCS-003Ammad Anwar Khan{x^i y^j x^k } where i, j, k ≥ 1 and k = i + jcall of dutyLink
FA18-RCS-023Mughees Alia^n b^2n a^n for the values n=1,2,3,4……
FA18-RCS-027Sajid Nawaz{a^n b^m a^n b^n+m | m, n ≥ 0}
16SP19-RCS-O64Ammara Nayab{w E {a,b,c} * | #a(w) = #b(w) <= #c(w)Vampires Vs AliensLink
SP19-RCS-066Tehreem Ashfaqa^n b a^n b a^n where a=1
17SP19-RCS-027Kiran Fiaz∑= { 1,2,3,4} and C = { w€∑*|in w, the number of 1s equals to 2s, and the number of 3s equals to 4s }JungleLink
SP19-RCS-059Izza sajjadL = { wx} where | w| = |x| and w x
SP19-RCS-062Amna Aftabw#w : w =(0,1)*
18Sp19-rcs-036Muhammad Faisal Chughtai{{a^n b^n}U{a^n b^2n}U{a^n b^n c^n} : n>0}Kung Fu PandaLink
Sp19-rcs-016Ghulam Mujtaba{w ∈ {a,b,c}* | #a (w) = #b (w) = #c(w)}
FA18-RCS-011Fahad Ahmed{a^i b^j c^i d^j i,j>0}