Github and Unity for Teams: Part 1

Github is an amazing resource. Interestingly Unity and Github can be used in conjunction with each other. This has especially been useful for my students in the current times (Covid-19 era) where teachers often have to work with students on a remote basis. I have developed a set of videos explaining the basics of using Github and Unity for remote teams such as those that are with remote students.

In the first video, I discuss benefits of using Github in conjunction with Unity. Please take a look and let me know if I need to add anything in my future posts.

Here are more details about the video:

  • #Unity#DarkMode is not free but it wasn’t when I made this video! I also discuss what is #Git, how does one connect with #Github?
  • How to signup for Github?
  • Benefits of Github student version.
  • Github Student Connection with Unity Student pack! #Unity3D#UnityStudentPack How to signup for Github student?
  • Workflow for Github and Unity (2019.3 or later)


Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence

Life, as we know it, has an inherent complexity associated with it. It is made up of numerous intertwined and hierarchical complex adaptive systems (cas). These systems evolve and adapt at a massive scale. Ranging from the current outbreaks of various virii such as variants of Influenza, SARS, SARS-Covid-19 and others are inherently connected with a large number of life forms and species.

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence have demonstrated the use of techniques and algorithms which are similar, even if in a very very light manner, to the complexities in the natural world. One of these very popular so-called evolutionary algorithms is the “Genetic algorithm” presented originally by the likes of Prof. John Holland (RIP). Here we present a brief overview of Genetic Algorithms.