Dr. Game Dev

Tags: game development, unity, unity 3D, tutorial

Hi, I am Mak from Dr. Game Dev!

I started my programming journey long time back - by developing games for my Acorn Electron Microcomputer. And some of the games I loved to play included Elite by David Braben and Ian Bell. And meanwhile I started programming in BASIC and Assembly Language - and that was because I programmed games - just for myself btw. 

Fast forward many many light years and numerous programming languages from C/C++ to Java, C#, Matlab, Logo, LISP, and so on. So, here I want to give back to the community and hopefully inspire you to learn how easy it is to program games - primarily using Unity 3D. In addition, I shall post here videos about some of the subjects that I have been teaching till now. such as Theory of Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Modeling & Simulation, and of course, Game Development!