Advance Topics in Artificial Intelligence (Spr 2016)

Tags: artificial intelligence, Agent-based, cognition, Complex Adaptive Systems

Department of Computer Science,
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology,
Islamabad, Pakistan

Class day/time: 1730-1830 on Mondays

Advanced Topics in Arificial Intelligence Spring 2016

Level: MS/PhD

Course Text: Artificial Intelligence, a Modern Approach (3rd Edition) by Russell and Norvig (website)

Course Contents

(Last updated 8 March, 16)

  • Week 1: Introduction to Intelligence
    Reading: Papers related to the Turing Test
  • Week 2: Artificial vs. Natural Intelligence, Consciousness vs. Cognition
  • Week 3: Aspects of Artificial Intelligence
    AIMA, Ch 1
  • Week 4: Agent-functions and Modeling for and using Agents
    AIMA, Ch 2, Introduction to NetLogo as a modeling platform
  • Week 5: Designing agent-functions and emergent Intelligence
    AIMA, Ch 2, NetLogo
  • Week 6: Solving problems by Searching
    AIMA, Ch 3
  • (to be cont'd)