AI Fall 2016 (BSSE 6A)

Tags: artificial intelligence, courses, comsats, computer science

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This course gives a broad overview of the fundamental theories and techniques of Artificial Intelligence. The proposed textbook is used across the globe and includes a large selection of topics. The authors advise the instructors to customize course material based on chosen approach. As such, AI is one of those courses which can be conducted in a number of different ways depending on the specialization and interest of the instructor. The following major topics are given so that a particular instance of the course can be customized based on the specialization deemed appropriate by the instructor. To allow for flexibility for the instructor, a typical AI course may include a selection of around 10 chapters in the course (with around 3 hours per chapter): Introduction to AI, Intelligent Agents, Solving Problems using searching, Beyond Classical Search, Adversarial Search, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Logical Agents, First-order logic, Inference in First-Order Logic, Classical Planning, Planning and Acting in the real world, Knowledge Representation, Quantifying uncertainty, Probabilistic reasoning, Probabilistic reasoning over time, Making simple decisions, Making complex decisions, Learning from examples, knowledge in learning, Learning probabilistic models, Reinforcement learning, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language for Communication, Perception, Robotics, Philosophical Foundations, AI: The present and future

Homework 0:

Think about natural and artificial intelligence, life from the Universal perspective, cognition, and consciousness. Find material on these topics and be ready to present it in class.