“Long Covid” – the Emergence

Every way we look at it, Covid-19 presents us with new challenges and repercussions.

BBC reports an MP, Layla Moran, talking about the staggering number of “long covid” cases in the UK. As per her estimates, current numbers are crossing 300,000 patients.

With such a large number of patients, it is important to recognize this as an “occupational disease”. Now, in practice, what this really means is that around half of the hospitalized patients would still exhibit symptoms as long as six months since the first onset of the disease.

On the other hand, from the people who did not get hospitalized, 10% would still show the symptoms after 3 months.

While the UK has reacted by establishing 10 more “Long covid” clinics, other countries are not being that proactive.


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Woes of Opening Schools and Educational Institutes too Early!

Schools and Educational Institutions tend to cause super-spreader events because a lot of people from numerous areas and families come together on a daily basis.

A team lead by famous Complex Systems Scientist Prof. Yaneer Bar Yam has noted that only when COVID-19 is no longer being transmitted within a community, educational institutes can be reopened safely.


Course Pages Using Unity 3D

I have been using Unity in a number of my courses in the past. So, here is some sample content originating from various created using Unity 3D software!

Fall 18

  • Information Systems Modeling & Design (BSCS) – class created various games
  • Theory of Computation (MS CS) – class created Pacman based levels

Spring 19

  • Biological Modeling and Simulation (BS Bioinformatics) – class page 
  • Theory of Computation (MS CS) – class page

Fall 19

  • Theory of Computation (MS CS) – class page

Spring 20

Hubble Captures Cosmic Cinnamon Bun

Hubble Telescope is one of the foremost extensions of human vision. It also keeps getting better and better.

Do check out the Hubble capture of what has been nicely termed by the researchers as a “Comsic Cinnamon Bun”

An atypical spiral galaxy
UGC 12588 awes us in all its glory!


NASA image of the Cosmic Cinnamon Bun.

Puzzling Results for the Oxford Covid-19 Vaccine

The whole world seems to be waiting for a cure for Covid-19.
Numerous companies and researchers around the world are racing to beat the clock in making a vaccine available for the masses. In their efforts to develop a vaccine, often times however, there are setbacks and even confusing results.

One such case is that of the Oxford’s vaccine which has very strange results. Nature reports that the developers have discovered 70% efficacy for a two-dose vaccine. This was analyzed a fortnight after the second dose. Read more here.


1. Why Oxford’s positive COVID vaccine results are puzzling scientists – Nature News