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Hi, I am a Chief Scientific Officer (Professor) at the Department of Computer Science at COMSATS, Islamabad, Pakistan.

My research interests include modeling, simulation and engineering of Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) with special interest in Agent-based Modeling (ABM) and Complex Networks (CN). I work in multidisciplinary areas ranging from bioinformatics to social networks, from wireless sensor networks to agent-based models. An overview of my research areas can be noted from the wordle below created using my CV and my edited journals (Worditout):

Contact Information

drmak at bu dot edu,
muaz dot niazi at ieee dot org
Office Hours: By appointment
Mailing address:
Department of Computer Science,
COMSATS University,
Pakistan 44000

Social Media

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 Twitter: Dr. M

COMSATS Institute of IT uses Simio simulation software under a grant from Simio LLC.